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Altima Academy with Mutation Motorsport |

The Watchlist has arrived!

Do you think you have the talent to race with us and climb your way to the top of the Professional GT Racing ladder?

You’re just as good as all those drivers in F1 and at Le-Mans right? Just don’t have the budget to get there? Well you are the reason we launched The Watchlist, The Altima Academy with Mutation Motorsport believe that Drivers should progress due to their talent and determination, not because of their financial situation, so many talented drivers get lost in the web of Karting and club level Motorsport unable to progress further because of the huge costs that Drivers are now expected to pay to get the chance to become a Professional Racing Driver.

What is The Watchlist?

The Watchlist is your first step into the Altima Academy Driver Programme, no matter what you are racing at the moment, be it Karting, Club Racing, E-Sports, Rallycross, or anything else, if you think that you have the talent and determination to become a Professional Driver, you should Join The Watchlist. Maybe you know someone who should be racing at a much higher level than they can afford, do they know about The Watchlist?

I know what you are thinking, “Is this just another one of those scholarship pyramid schemes?” and the short answer is no, definitely not, we have experienced many scholarships first hand, we know how they work and we are not interested in that at all! The Watchlist is free to join, and there is no big shootout event or stages to get through or anything like that, the way it works is like this:

  1. Join The Watchlist, let us know your name, how to contact you, and what you are racing in this year.
  2. We will be monitoring the progress of every driver who joins The Watchlist throughout the season to assess whether they have what it takes to become a Professional Driver.
  3. When a position on the Altima Academy Driver Programme becomes available, we will then invite selected Drivers to test with us, and select Drivers to join the Team and race in the Ginetta GT5 Challenge.

What about the rest of us?

Everyone on The Watchlist will be informed whether they are successful or not, and individual feedback will be given on the reasons for our decision so that you will have areas to work on and improve for the following season.

That’s it, no pyramid scheme like a Scholarship, no upfront or ongoing costs like other Driver Academys, just pure and simple good old fashioned Best Driver Wins. So what are you waiting for, get on The Watchlist at: